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Specialties: Social Media Management, Community Management, Online PR, Online Strategy, Forums and Blogs Dynamitzation, Website Management, Blogging, Online Marketing


Digital Strategist en Haiku Media
diciembre de 2015 – actualidad



Digital Strategist at Haiku Media:
Haiku Media is an hyper-active digital marketing agency located in Barcelona.
Haiku Media has been developing great mind-blowing digital projects since 2000, with a customized approach to every client they have worked with.

· New business
· Digital Strategy for current and potential clients
· Team Management
· Accounts Management
· Executive responsabilities on:
· Social Media senior management
· SEO Audit / Campaigns

Facebook Ads Manager en NBA
junio de 2016 – actualidad



 NBA Spain holds events in different cities accross Spain to get close to the fans and promote the brand and the values of the National League: http://nbaforu.es/

I was in charge of setting Facebook Ads campaigns to promote these events and drive both presencial attendants and registrations into NBA Spain's CRM:

· Facebook Ads Campaigns strategy & definition
· Copies / Artwork / Campaigns Settings
· Targets / Goals settings
· CPC & Clicks optimization
· Analytics & Reporting

SEO Consultant en Haiku Media
diciembre de 2015 – actualidad




Haiku Media is an hyper-active digital marketing agency located in Barcelona.
Haiku Media has been developing great mind-blowing digital projects since 2000, with a customized approach to every client they have worked with.
Haiku Media is specialized in SEO Consultancy and works for different big companies and e-commerces in Spain and Italy.

· SEO Strategy Development
· SEO Audit Execution / Coordination
· OnPage / Contents SEO Campaings / Audits
· OffPage SEO Campaings / Audits
· Local SEO Campaigns
· YouTube SEO Campaigns

SEO Consultant en Vanitas Espai SCP
febrero de 2012 – actualidad



SEO consultant for Vanitas Espai.
· Website development
· Contents SEO
· SEO OnPage
· Linkbuilding
· YouTube SEO

Facebook Marketing Teacher en Quondos
octubre de 2015 – actualidad



I will be performing a full Facebook Marketing course, orientated on creating a solid presence on Facebook and getting organic visibility inside the biggest social network on Earth.

I'm proud of being one of the Q500: One of the first 500 Quondos members, joining this beautiful initiative from the very beginning.
· Presenter on Valencia-Q500: "How to steal your competitors Facebook fans"
· Presenter on Zaragoza-Q500: "Measure your brand awareness on Social Media"
· Assistant teacher on the Social Media course
· Creator of Quondos War (www.quondoswar.com) the blog where I try to recreate the Quondos experience.

Editor en Editor
enero de 2016 – actualidad


I am happy to be part of the Experts Panel on XOVI's blog for Spain.

XOVI is a great all-in-one SEO tool. I am publishing a series of posts about how to perform a SEO audit by using this the tool.
You can read my articles in the link below (in Spanish).

Editor en Semrush
mayo de 2015 – actualidad


I contribute as an Editor on the Spanish version of the official SEMrush blog: http://es.semrush.com/blog/

SEMRush is one of the most important SEO Tools in the world, and I am equally proud and happy to be a part of their vast team of online marketing & SEO experts participating in their contents marketing project.
I have been picked as the Most Valued Author by the readers (I was when I was writing this, maybe when you read it I'm not anymore!) and I have also contributed in webinars with other experts.

Marketing Assistant & Sales Manager en Beemray
junio de 2015 – enero de 2016


Marketing Assistant & Sales Manager at Beemray: Beemray is an exciting start-up project based in Helsinki, London, Madrid and Barcelona.

· Research of relevant data about Contextual Marketing / Mobile Marketing / Inbound & Online Marketing Solutions to define Beemrays commercial and communication strategies.
· Clients and potential clients profiling.
· Development of strategic workshops for teambuilding and content-sharing with the whole team.
· Sales plan, proposals and action.
· Contents Marketing / Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Online Marketing & PR Consultant en Orthos
septiembre de 2011 – diciembre de 2015



ORTHOS is the biggest fitness and manual techniques school in Spain. It has a national-wide presence with three flagships (Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla) and local offices through all Spanish top cities.
I have been working in ORTHOS since 2011, taking care of all Online Marketing annual campaigns and assisting the Commitée of Direction when defining yearly commercial strategies and approachs.

· Social Media Contents Plan and Development
· Community Management
· Public Relations
· Online Communication Strategy
· Blogging & Social Blogging
· SEM Manager
· SEO Manager
· New Marketing and Online Products Consultant
· Online Marketing Teacher

Online Marketing Teacher en Orthos
mayo de 2014 – diciembre de 2014



ORTHOS Barcelona has launched their first Social Media and Online Marketing courses.

· Development of specialized training programs on Social Media and Online Marketing for Personal Trainers / Gym Managers (30 hours courses)
· 30 hours presencial teaching
· Development of printed manual and video-tutorials


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